College Night

Getting the Most from College Fairs and College Night

Selecting schools can be an overwhelming task. Here are some tips to get the most out of college fairs:

  • Before the fair, spend time determining what kind of school best suits YOU. This major process takes time and is complete when you finally say "Yes!" to your school of choice. Remember there is no one "right" college; there should be a number of "right" colleges. Your parents, counselor, and teachers can offer many resources to help in your research.
  • Review the list of participating colleges and with the help of your parents and counselor, decide which schools to visit at the fair. Visit those first, then explore others.
  • Prepare a personal list of questions to ask college admissions representatives.
  • Bring with you to the fair prepared labels with your name and address. Often college reps will have mailing cards at their school’s table for those desiring more information. Also bring multiple copies of your transcript and any work you have done within a specific major.
  • Familiarize yourself with the fair program and layout to make sure you get to all of the workshops and sessions you wish to attend.
  • Obtain from college/university admissions representatives a personal business card or pertinent college application materials as needed. After the fair, if you are really interested in a school, write a thank you note using the representative’s name you met at the fair.
  • Follow-up also includes the all important campus visits and talking with students and former students of the colleges. They know firsthand what the academic climate is like. Always try to visit when classes are in session to get a true feel for what the campus is like.
  • Finally, your goal is to find a college where you have the greatest chance of enjoying academic achievement in a satisfying living environment. A realistic assessment of your personal abilities and interests coupled with reliable information about your researched colleges will allow you to apply to colleges where your are most likely to be accepted and, more importantly, be successful!